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Build Products at Speed

Powerful, self-serve consumer intelligence software that helps you collect data and onboard new users

How It Works

Create smart surveys or ads

01 Create smart surveys or ads

Pick from one of our ready made templates to build effective questionnaires in minutes. Use skip logic to filter for only the most relevant responses and redirect traffic with custom Thank You pages.

Deploy to verified consumers

02 Deploy to verified consumers

Publish your research to our verified audience network of real Nigerian consumers. Target high-conversion likelihood users with our intelligent user profiling and segmentation.

Analyze in real time

03 Analyze in real time

Get real time insights and visualizations that help you make data driven decisions fast. Save money on costly initiatives by using quick insights to get a good sense of viability and ROI.

Insiight Use Cases

On-Demand & Agile Market Research

Our self-serve market research software gives research professionals and agencies the flexibility to create and publish super targeted surveys to get insights from real and verified panels in minutes. We simplify your research processes with.

  • Geo and behavioral targeting options with quota targeting capabilities
  • Advanced questionnaire logic
  • Instant and powerful data visualizations
  • Access experienced market research professionals
  • Diverse and verified panels from every state and local government in Nigeria

Build Disruptive Products at Scale

Our solutions give product persons the tools they need to build truly disruptive products and services that tap into real purchasing drivers. Avoid wasting valuable funds and time on trial and error by opting for a smarter approach. Validate product ideas, collect insightful feedback in minutes with verified and real consumers

  • Intuitive analytics dashboards with actionable insights
  • Collect products feedbacks leveraging our expertly crafted survey templates
  • Validate and fine tune product ideas before launch
  • Know your target Audience and onboard new users
  • Validate pricing models and test new concepts

Engage & Capture Leads

Enlumi Lead generation surveys lets you create surveys to engage your audience within our ecosystem , scale your business, promote your brand, attract new customers leveraging on users in our community. Additionally, the answers you collect can help you segment and understand your audience better. Whether you need an additional 50 leads a month or 50,000, Enlumi data lead surveys can help you grow!

  • Drag-and-drop surveys builder with over 50+ survey templates
  • Identify ads creatives that will be most impactful before launch
  • Advertise and onboard new users using our customizable survey thank you pages
  • Access to real-time analytics
  • Access to diverse audience from our ecosystem

Run digital ads people can't ignore

Cut down on ad spend, protect your brand and identify creatives that will deliver optimum value. You don't have to wait until your ads are published to find out that your creatives are not performing as expected. With Enlumi data, you can now pre-test your creatives and know with certainty whether they are likely to perform or not. Additionally you can also measure what consumer perceptions are about your brand, then get access to actionable insights

  • Testing your creatives in minutes
  • Measure brand perception
  • Brand Lift
  • Access to actionable insights
  • Improve ROI on media spend

Brands we've worked with

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Harness the power of product data to maximize growth.

Start with our expertly crafted survey templates

Brand Awareness

Check how your target perceives your concepts, and how to improve them before launching them

Brand Satisfaction

Discover the satisfaction of your customers, Learn what they love and what needs improvement while comparing you with your competitors!

Brand Perception

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand image

Market Understanding

Understand consumer usage and habits in relation to a brand/product

AB Test

Test your hypotheses with speed, to make sure you are going in the right direction at all times

Test Media

Cut down on ad spend, protect your brand and identify creatives that will deliver optimum value

Product Concept Testing

Check how your target perceives your concepts, and how to improve them before launching them

Validate Ideas

Validate the best concepts and make sure you’re addressing pain points effectively

Identify Market Needs

Identify the needs not covered in the market that your brand could address