Audience | We connect you to millions of consumers in Africa

Insiight has a direct connection to unique, niche B2B, and consumer audiences from our vast data ecosystem. We have the ability to reach consumers on a global scale.

We reach and engage hard-to-find audiences.

Tech-savvy Millenials
University Educated Parents
Exercise Fanatics
Eager Gen-Z’ers
Everyday Working People
Registered Voters
Small Business Owners
Household Decision Makers
High Income Individuals

Looking to engage a specific audience directly?
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Advertising & New User Onboarding

Leverage our diverse and engaged consumer ecosystem to seamlessly onboard new users on to your platform. Our onboarding solution will help you see greater rates of adoption of your digital products at more than 60% lower than the average customer aquisition cost for digital platforms.

Our intelligent profiling and segmentation allows you to reach high conversion liklihood consumers that fit your ideal client profile.

Data Reliability & Security

Insiight utilizes proprietary response integrity systems to ensure reliability of data. Users are verified through an integreated verification partner. We maintain security controls, ensuring protection of personally identifiable information.

Real Consumers

Our verification system through NIMC assures users are authentic.

Response Integrity

We use machine learning to ensure data quality.


We have of deep understanding all users while keeping their identity and data completely secure.