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Profit-driving insights demand a commitment to Quality Data

Our Approach

Insiight provides secure and reliable audience insights for globals brands and agencies. Our programmatic research solutions offer high quality and comprehensive data you can trust.

Our Solutions

Discovering Data-Rich and Diverse Audiences

Insiight enables a direct connection to unique, niche B2B, and consumer audiences from our vast data ecosystem. We reach and engage hard-to-find audiences like:

Tech-savvy Millenials
University Educated Parents
Exercise Fanatics
Eager Gen-Z’ers
Everyday Working People
Registered Voters
Small Business Owners
Household Decision Makers
High Income Individuals

Product Development & Concept Testing

Bringing new, disruptive products to market is a significant undertaking for our clients. We're here to help carry the load. Our insights solutions give our clients an understanding of their consumers' needs, motivations and purchase drivers for new products and services through dynamic, qualitative research.

Insiight partners with GlimpzIt to enable cutting-edge product development research where consumers respond with pictures, video and text to answer unstructured and open-ended questions. Our solutions help clients build personalized offerings that resonate with their consumers on a deep, emotional level.

A tech manufacturer is developing a new, disruptive product. Before bringing the product to market, they need to understand their target audience’s needs and motivations.

Advertising & Message Testing

The stakes are high when developing effective advertising and marketing strategies. A well executed launch can catapult a brand to great success. A misguided launch can lead to a major flop.

Message testing ensures your marketing is on target and effectively addresses consumer needs, while differentiating from competitors. Insiight enables online focus groups to capture consumer reactions to marketing messages and advertising creatives.

A major retailer is launching a new pick-up service to boost sales amid an onslaught of pick-up and delivery offerings from their competitors. The retailer needs to determine how to position their service relative to their competitors.

Psychographic Data

Big data tells us a lot about the who, what, when and where of consumer behavior. However, few solutions succeed in capturing the why. That’s where Insiight comes in. Our solutions capture the why behind behaviors offering a complete, 360 degree view of the consumer.

Insiight enables quantitative research to capture real-time attitudes, emotions, and forward-looking insights to complement big data.

A major CPG company knows who purchases one of their premiere products through transactional data. But they lack insight into why their target audience loves their products.

Brand Tracking

Taking the pulse of brand health is vital to our client's continued growth. Tracking brand performance requires a reliable and consistent means of measuring awareness and purchase intent in the context of the competitive landscape.

Insiight enables tracking studies using quantitative research that can be trended over time.

A major auto manufacturer needs to track consumer perception of their brand versus their key competitors.